Rubiconriff is a Melbourne based country band with roots in the Goulburn valley. The boys got together at Alexandra High School and began their

singing in the small mountain town of Marysville at the Crossways Restaurant, a famous landmark that escaped the devastating bushfires in 2009.

Classic shot at the Buxton Pub

Classic shot at the Buxton Pub

The career highlights include many appearances on all the television stations in Melbourne and country Victoria at various times and a ten year residency at the Olinda Log Cabin Restaurant in the Dandenong ranges.


During the years of residencies and gigs the boys have continued to meet once a week and sometimes twice to rehearse and write songs. The original songs now beginning to outnumber covers and as the years go by the enjoyment and satisfaction of song writing grows.

On one such rehearsal evening Shane shared a poetry book by John Davis, an iconic Australian bush poet and one of the poems inspired the boys to write a song using some of the lyrics and writing some of their own and called it “The Stockman”. The song features some great words written by famous bush poet John about his grandson Andy , an inspiring young man tragically killed in a car accident before his time.

By now you must be in the mood for further expansion to your music library, so from the Rubiconriff family try listening to some scorching Indi Rock by searching  “Royston Vasie Band” or “Reika Band” (Garry’s boys) and listen to some real funky grooves all available on line. Read on for details of the bands latest album now available on ITunes.

The Rifters have launched their second
album, available now on ITunes, read on for a
sneak look at some really unique original
Australian music.

Rubiconriff or The Rifters as they are affectionately
known to their fans have come out with another
knock out country album and wow does it cut the
mustard. If you want stunning harmonies, neat guitar
hooks, nostalgia, warm ballads, country rock with
some banjo to go here it is.
Showcasing their homeland of the Goulbourn and Yarra Valley’s, their original songs reflect
the life and times of the people of Marysville and Rubicon in Victorias Southern Alps, gods
country for sure.
“The Crossways” an historic country Inn at Marysville features in a neat little ballad about
the boys first show at the age of 13. How the Crossways escaped the 2009 bushfires is another
complete story.
“Cumberland Sunrise” is dedicated to Garry’s Dad “Frank”, a genuine trucker who worked
out of Marysville and Camberville and was a person of massive Integrity, of the old school
and his favourite “Mac” truck. A real piece of History with the logging industry in Victoria
quintessentially gone.

“Cry Out” is a showcase Tamworth Country Song Writing finalist and passionately seeks to
bring attention to the need for us to look after our planet. The critically endangered mammals
of Victoria being of passionate interest to the boys up in the Cumberland and features
some neat mandolin.

“Light In your Eyes” and “ Lover” are songs sure to tug at your heart strings as it did for the
judges of the Tamworth song writing Festival, have a listen and see for yourself.
If you have Blue Eyes and you like high heels “ Blue Eyes” is sure to get your feet tapping
whilst “Beautiful In Black” has a fine touch of smooth smooth jazz…..

“The Soldier” dedicated to Shane’s Grandad, a genuine
World War 2 veteran is a real nostalgic hit with
some neat banjo and harmonica. There is much more
but best you listen for yourself, so, grab a drink and
let the music wash over your soul and seep into
your bones……………………and then listen
again………………to a band that’s been together
for years ( Yep, the photo’s tell the
story ) and just keep on churning them out.


Hell of a Ride.

Album number three is out there and available on most digital networks, spotify, Itunes etc. Ten original songs, see if you can pick the Tamworth songwriting finalists? Or you can turn up at our gigs and we can sell you some??

We’ll start off with “Hell of a Ride”, a song written about our music journey that did well at the Tamworth Songwriting festival this past year. A little romance story from the riverside village of Tocumwall with the “Black Stump Bridge”, some hot bluegrass pic-in on “Country Heart” the writing courtesy of our drummer “Matchbox” and a fine display of country fiddlen thru “Come Back to Me”. We have some nostalgia with “Country Feel” written about our first road trip to Tamworth,  some more lovin songs, a sweet ballad about life and death called “Hold Your Head Up High” and a rumble in the jungle called “Where The Albatross Fly”. Look out for ” Mr Mantelpiece” and get ready to imagine when you hear “Outback Desert Moon”. Enjoy!