The Stockman

During rehearsal one evening Shane shared a poetry book by John Davis, an iconic Australian bush poet and one of the poems inspired the boys to write a song using some of the lyrics and writing some of their own and called it “The Stockman”. The song features some great words written by famous bush poet John about his grandson Andy , an inspiring young man tragically killed in a car accident before his time.

The song was written in late 2010 and time passed by before the boys decided that it was worth recording and so spent time at Incubator Studios in Melbourne putting down some tracks to see how they came out.  A couple of these tracks also lent themselves to film as they painted some fantastic pictures and the idea was formed to investigate.  Shane’s children, Kelly and Jamie filmed the video and Kelly put the whole thing together.  Some time passed and finally here we are with a fairly neat DVD featuring the story.

During filming John Davis and his wife shared in the fun, hustle and bustle of making a film with John very keen to share some poetry for the group as the days rolled by. So we dedicate The Stockman to Andy and may his memory live.